Monday, 28 March 2011


Here are two poems that I wrote in 2009 while I was taking a Creative Muse Course from the amazing Janet Whitehead of Musings and Mud (based on the book "The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)" by Jill Badondsky).  I was learning to let loose creatively and thought I would try some poetry, something I had never done much of before.  We were working on the Muse Audacity, so I used that as my subject.  I had fun writing these poems, researching the rhyme schemes of sonnets, balancing my notebook on the arm of my chair as my squirming three year old daughter drew on one side of the page and I wrote on the other - these are wonderful notes, by the way, my daughter was in an alien phase and the pages are covered with them.   I felt so nervous bringing my poems to class and reading them aloud.  I think that it was only because of the support of the class and the subject of trying to be audacious that I had the courage.  I feel like writing these was a turning point.  My first poem was a sonnet.

Audacity I

A young spring flower ponders as it grows:
Blooming is so hard, it’s too hard, I fear,
I could look absurd, insane, who knows?
Will THEY find fault with all that I hold dear?

I have a plan, the shrinking violet said,
Compromise, so I won’t seem over-proud,
I’ll grow into a blade of grass instead,
Anonymous, I’ll blend in with the crowd!

But her spirit sings of audacity,
Her gift, herself, too sacred to let go.
She shines and blooms as big as she can be,
Beautiful, she inspires others to grow.
The birds and bees need flowers to grow bold,
We must listen and let our dreams take hold.

I liked that poem, but also had this other rhythm in my head that would not go away, so I finally paid attention to it (great lesson there!) and wrote the next poem as well.

Audacity II

Utterly outrageous!
Intrepid, unfearing, unashamed.
The world is my oyster,
I’m on a daring quest!

Bold-faced and brazen
Presumptuous, insolent, what a nerve!
Who do you think you are?
Have you no shame?
What is your worth?

What was I thinking?
Who do I think I am?
Down the drain, inane, insane.
Everyday, ordinary, routine, plain.
She’s so vain.  What a pain!

Hey!  No way!
Who am I?
Bold-faced and brazen!
 Brassy, beautiful,
 Adventurous and brave,
 A bodacious babe.

I am me,
I have found my pearl, you see.

So here they are, the poems that helped me to turn a corner on my creative journey.  I have Janet to thank for helping me to share them.  I would love to hear any feedback anyone has, or someone else's creative adventure.

c Coreena McBurnie, 2009.


  1. Coreena, I remember well when you read those poems, and then we discovered they were your first- it was one of those moments where I was completely in awe and honoured to be a part of the process.
    And I've shared these poems many time since.. thank you!

  2. Thanks Janet. That muse class with those other amazing participants was a magical time. Or maybe the beginning of a magical time.

  3. I love your use of language. You are not afraid to use words that express what you need/want to say with a mininum of fuss but a bag full of meaning. Well done!


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