Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nanowrimo is Over!!

Hello everyone,

It's December 1st and National Novel Writing Month is over for another year!!!!  How did you do?  Congratulations to everyone who participated, whether you won or not.  It is always great to set an exciting challenge and stretch yourself.  I always feel that I learn something new each Nano.

We had three of us writing in our house, me, my husband and our 8 year old son - and all three of us won!!!  It was quite an experience to have so many of us writing this year, but it was also fun as we could help and support one another. 

For me, this Nano felt a bit messy.  I had an idea I really liked, tell a story of a mythological character who is dear to my heart, Antigone from ancient Greek mythology.  I love her spirit and focus, how she stands up for herself and her family.  In history, this doesn't work out that great for her, but it is the journey that's important, right? (kind of like Nano)  She is a difficult character because she is the daughter of Oedipus (her who killed his father and married his mother) and Jocasta (her grandmother) and commits suicide in the end after being sentenced to death by her uncle.  However, maybe because I felt more invested in this book than in any other I have written, I found some really difficult patches.  There is something to be said for having some detachment.  I also felt I had to be true to the mythological history. 

But, something did happen about half way in, I realized I had to let go of my expectations and just write, have my characters do something unexpected, make up my own mythology and work the rest out later.  Because, there is a later.  I do plan on editing this novel, at least enough to print out my Create Space copy.  There is a group of us here in Kamloops who are dedicating February for this task (this should give us enough distance from the writing to be more objective).

So, once again, I had a fantastic time writing Nano this year.  I also got to meet some new people here, other writers, and hopefully, we can keep in touch and continue to support each other.  I also feel like I got to know others world wide through their blog posts about Nano.  Reading these were great and a new form of support and shoring for me, one which I really appreciate.

Now I am on to the next thing.  Tomorrow I will be part of the Second Annual Muse A-Fair (see tab at the top for details) which is a wonderful event here in Kamloops where a group of 22 muses share their passions.  My passion is writing and I will be at a table representing Nanowrimo with another local writer.  So, if you live in Kamloops, I hope to see you this weekend. 

Thank you so much, Nanowrimo!!!  The crew there is amazing and fun and definitely kept me going.


  1. Congratulations for the win! And a HUGE congrats to your son! How awesome is that :D

  2. Thanks so much and for my son. It is great to see his confidence over Nano - he knows he is an author!!!


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