Friday, 24 February 2012

Pitch for my new novel

I thought it would be fun to update about my latest writing project.  I wrote a novel called Antigone:  The True Story this last November during Nanowrimo and The Book Doctors have generously offered all participants an opportunity to pitch their novel in an on-line pitchapalooza.  I have been working furiously on editing my book and writing my pitch for the last month and thought it was time to share a bit.  Below is my pitch, so far.  It has to be 200 words or less.  Any feedback would be more than welcome and I would love to hear from others who are also submitting and writing pitches!!

Antigone: The True Story is a young adult fantasy novel where honour and scandal collide and the truth of history is definitely stranger than the fiction of myth.

Sixteen year old Antigone is a princess in ancient Greece who wants to lead a normal life, but finds the gods have other plans.

Antigone's father is Oedipus, who killed his father and married his mother. Once the truth is revealed, her mother commits suicide, her father gouges out his own eyes and is exiled. Antigone leaves everything she knows, her life, her sister and the boy she likes, to go with him.

That is the mythical truth. The whole truth is that Antigone is blessed in a cursed family. The gods speak to her in her dreams. She can communicate with snakes and heal people. Confusing as this is for her, Antigone tries to help others with her gifts. However, when the gods push her too far, Antigone learns she has more power than she ever thought possible. She will not stand idly by while her family suffers and her life comes crashing down around her, not if there is something she can do about it. And there is.


  1. I love myth so I really like the sound of this. Does she love the boy or just like him? It's not so hard to leave someone you like but to leave someone you love or have a possible future with is more intense.
    Truly Bookish

    1. Hmmm, I hadn't thought about the like/love thing - I'm still editing so I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I love myth too.


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