Monday, 18 August 2014

Short Story Review: Double Cross

Double Cross: An Eye of Odin Prequel #1Double Cross: An Eye of Odin Prequel #1 by Dennis Staginnus

In the first of The Eye of Odin short prequels, the fifteen-year-old witch-for-hire finds herself atop the Athenian Acropolis, exchanging money for an ancient Spartan helmet said to contain extraordinary powers.

But when the exchange ends in a double-cross, it exposes a conspiracy that could reignite a two thousand-year-old war between Athens and Sparta. Keeping the peace will rest upon the shoulders of the scrappy, young witch.

Double Cross is the exciting first prequel the the upcoming middle grade Eye of Odin series by Dennis Staginnus. I have to say right off that I love myth, especially Greek myth, and Double Cross delivers a good dose.

The story starts fast and tense, grabbing the reader right away, only getting more intense at the story continues.

I am also a sucker for strong female heroines. Sarah is spirited, quick thinking, willing to fight to the end in order to do what she thinks is right, and she's magical. All in all, a great combination. Her background is subtly developed, making me want to know more about her.

The setting of this story is modern day Greece, but the world in which it is set includes Folklore, a world that is only seen by a select few and which includes myth and history from different cultures. Staginnus has obviously done his research on the mythology and has created an interesting world with great potential.

Overall, I think this is a book that will appeal to both boys and girls who like older middle grade books, and has a grittiness that will even appeal to teen audience (which, I think, makes this book stand out in the middle grade genre, assuming the rest of the series lives up to the standard set here). Some of the language, violence, and intensity might be a bit much for sensitive audiences.
Double Cross is the first in a series of three short story prequels to Eye of Odin and is free. You can go to Dennis Staginnus' web site (click here) to find out how to download it.

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