Friday, 17 October 2014

Anyone Else Doing Nano?

Mid-October. Time to start getting nervous about what to write for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) this year.

This will be my sixth year. In fact, Prophecy, the novel I am currently editing in order to publish in next few months, originally started as a Nano novel several years ago.

My whole family now loves and participates in Nano. My husband is teaching high school creative writing and his whole class does Nano. I have several friends who also participate. It is a fun, supportive, inner editor squashing month for us.

But, this year, I don't have any idea of what to write. Nothing. Not even a character or a setting or a genre. I am hoping for inspiration to hit me in the next two weeks. Anytime now, I keep thinking, I'm open to ideas and suggestions. Maybe I'll dream up something good, overhear a conversation, or simply be struck by some great idea.

How about you guys? Anyone else doing Nano this year? Do you know what you're writing about you're writing? Have you got it all planned out? I'd love to connect with other Wrimos.

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