Thursday, 26 May 2011

Book Review: The Great Ice Age by Geronimo Stilton

Book:  The Great Ice Age by Geronimo Stilton, Graphic Novel #5, Papercutz, 2010.  Children's fiction, 56 pages.
Source:  Purchased.

My middle child, who is in grade 2, loves graphic novels as well as Geronimo Stilton, so when I saw the new Geronimo Stilton graphic novels, I excitedly bought one for him.  He was thrilled with the book and promptly sat down and read it in about half an hour!

In this story, Geronimo and his friends travel back in time to the Ice Age in 37993BC in search of the Pirate Cats.  The Pirate Cats have mistakenly traveled to the Ice Age, but now that they are there, want to capture the Ice Monster that has been threatening the local Neanderthals and bring it to the future in order to become rich and famous.  Geronimo follow the cats in order to stop them from changing history.

I can certainly see the appeal for young readers, and even reluctant readers.  The story is fast paced and the vocabulary is easier than the traditional Geronimo Stilton books.  There is also the same cheesy Geronimo humour that kids love so much.

Throughout the book, there are little snippets of history explaining various things about the Ice Age, for example, who the Neanderthals were, saber tooth tigers, and what a Neanderthal settlement would have been like.  I found these interesting and just informative enough so as not to slow down the story.  I can imagine that kids would enjoy these bits of knowledge and feel like they learned something, while being entertained with the story.

I asked my son what he thought of the book and he said that his favourite thing is when they find out the truth about the Ice Giant.  Also, for him, graphic novels are just the best kind of books.

Does anyone have any favorite books for this age group?  We are always looking for new things to read.  Or maybe your favourite graphic novel?

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