Monday, 22 August 2011

Book Review: Doodling by Jonathan Gould

Book:  Doodling by Jonathan Gould, self published ebook, 2011, 36 pages.

Source:  purchased with coupon from the author from Smashwords.

Synopsis (from Smashwords):
After Neville Lansdowne falls off the world (because it's moving too fast), he finds himself adrift in an asteroid field full of eccentric characters and experiences some most unexpected adventures. Douglas Adams meets Lewis Carroll (with just a touch of Gulliver’s Travels) in this engaging comic fantasy.

My Thoughts:
I loved this story!  It was fun, well written and imaginative.  Doodling is a short book of 36 pages about a man named Neville who finds the world is moving too fast and he cannot keep up any more, so he jumps off into an asteroid belt where he meets a variety of different characters.

This is a type of cautionary tale, with the silly, funny story of Neville roaming through the asteroid belt trying to figure out a way to stop the world from crashing into them.  Then there is the allegorical story, with its deeper meaning and engaging questions about human beings and their priorities.  Gould questions in a simple way why and how we do things, but is not preachy or judgemental.  I found his writing to be observant, witty and engaging.

Doodling is well worth the read, especially if you want something different and thoughtful, as well as a good laugh.  It will entertain and get you to think at the same time.  You can go to Smashwords to download it and it is even free with the coupon code FT52H unitl the end of August.

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