Thursday, 12 January 2012

Book Review: Tales Told Under the Covers by De Kenyon

BookTales Told Under the Covers:  Zombie Girl Invasion and Other Stories (Vol. 1) by De Kenyon, CreateSpace, 2011, 162 pages.

Source:  From the author for review.

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Ten tales of death, invasions from other realms, bullies, babysitters, liars, and the brave kids who fight back. Zombie girls who have to hide, lest they get eaten by bigger zombies. Food that bites back. Wizards who are scared of their own power. Murdered (and murderous) pets. Secret superpowers. And that last, great voyage into the unknown. Stories to be whispered under the covers, by flashlight. Stories to be read by firelight to the robots who come out of the woods. Stories to be told when the witches are ready to eat you but want to hear just one more story before they shove you in the oven. Creepy Stories. Fantastical Stories. Weird Stories.

My Thoughts:
This was a really cute selection of short stories for middle grade readers, focussing on the supernatural, featuring such creatures as zombie girls, sushi monsters, photos that come to life and cats that guard children's dreams.

Kenyon clearly has a lot of imagination and this comes through in her writing as the kids in her stories find themselves in some crazy and strange situations.  The kids are always the one's to take action and save the day, which, again, will appeal to kids.

And then there is the humour, lots of goofy, silly humour.  This makes the stories easy to read and entertaining for kids, especially that middle school age group the book is geared towards.

I think kids will like this collection of stories if they like supernatural stories.  These are not scary, but there is a lot of tension that will keep them turning the pages.  I love how her stories have both boys and girls as main characters so the collection will appeal to both. 

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