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Guest Post, Review & Giveaway! The Smiley Book of Colors by Ruth Kaiser

Today I have a big post with lots going on for a fun, inspirational and beautiful new children's book called The Smiley Book of Colors by Ruth Kaiser.  Today is my stop on the WOW Blog tour, which includes a review, guest post, treasure hunt and giveaway!!!  So, read on.
Book:  The Smiley Book of Colors by Ruth Kaiser, Random House Children's Books, March 2012, 32 pages.

Synopsis from Goodreads:
This unique hardcover, which grew out of the popular website Spontaneous Smiley, will appeal to kids and adults. Who can resist the wacky, cute smiley faces to be spied in photos of colorful found objects? Young readers will enjoy learning their colors as they're identifying what the smileys are made from—an electrical outlet, a hubcap, even a piece of toast—and readers of all ages will appreciate the witty rhyming text, and its inspirational message about choosing happiness.

My Thoughts:
I thought this book was adorable!  What a fun idea to find smiley faces in every day things.

This is kind of two books in one, a book of colors, but there is also a cute, rhyming text about choosing to be happy.  This is such an important message, one which I try to teach my children, and try to remember myself!  The text of choosing our thoughts fits in perfectly with the idea of finding smiley faces all around us - we look for and find what we want in our lives.

I think parents and children will like this twist on a book of colors.  Having read many such books to my kids over the years, it is nice to find one with an engaging rhyming text with an uplifting message to go along with the basics of learning colors.  Also the pictures that will have kids scouring the pages, and their world, for smiley faces.

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the author for review.

Guest Post:
What if life was one experiment after another? by Ruth Kaiser

Latex Gloves Smiley

Remember doing science experiments in school? Remember how the teacher cheered you on regardless of the outcome? You know, the pep talk about how what failed this time is simply data to help you design the next experiment.

What if life was one experiment after another? Wouldn’t it be great to allow yourself to accept that the screw ups we all make are valuable data for next time. But, isn’t that actually accurate?  Life is an experiment. We surely learn as much from things going wrong as we do from their going well. “There is no failure, only feedback.” (author unknown)

Lab Equipment Smiley

Since life is an experiment, as a good scientist you’ve got to evaluate the screw ups. No head in the sand behavior if you’re the scientist. Look at the data and make changes. Modify what you do next time, using what you learned this time.

And here’s the coolest thing of all: Give yourself permission to be more experimental. Be a little daring. Experiment with being vulnerable. Be the one to take the first step. Be the one to say, “I’m sorry.” or “I love you.” first. I bet you’ll be amazed at how OK it really is. Use one experiment’s it was OK data to help you design other experiments.

Telephone Smiley

Might this idea help you to call that friend you’ve been meaning to call? Could experimenting help you to reach out a hand in affection, a gentle touch, in the middle of an argument? How about experiment by not criticizing a behavior that’s driving you nuts. The data might come back that your criticizing hasn’t been helping the behavior diminish.

Hand Smiley

I love this idea. I was never good at science when I was in school. But these kinds of experiments hold my interest because they have the pay off of a better life. I’m going to be a diligent scientist.

Smile. Be happy, and experimental.

Thanks so much, Ruth!  What a great post.

Treasure Hunt Time!

Now it's time to start searching for Smileys in your neighborhood! When you find one snap a pic and upload it to Spontaneous Smiley ( on the "Share Your Smiley" page (  using "WOW" in your Smiley title.

Just one Smiley makes you a Smiley Captain! Not only will you brighten people's day with your Smiley AND help raise money for Operation Smile, a non-profit organization that helps children with facial deformity receive the surgery they need, but you'll be entered in a contest just for Ruth's WOW friends to win a copy of The Smiley Book of Colors. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 17! Now grab your camera and start searching for Smileys!

Giveaway! (Another way to win this book)
If you would like to win a copy of Ruth's book and you live in the US or Canada, you can leave a comment on this post with your email address and be entered to win!  The deadline is Thursday, April 17 at midnight.  The winner will be chosen by and will have 2 days to respond to my email or a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. What a perfect thing to look for in the world - smileys. My daughter approaches life this way. And thanks for the chance to win the book!

  2. Such an uplifting concept. Great Review. I'm going on a smiley hung. Thanks for chance to win a copy of the book!

  3. My husband must be one of the original "find a smiley" in the blob or object finders. I don't know how many mornings I've wakened to see a banana (mouth) atop a piece of paper with eyes & nose dots drawn. Or an orange with magic marker dots and curves for smilies.

    Would love this little book.
    godleyv at yahoo [dot] com

  4. Thanks to everyone who entered.

  5. What a great idea! This is a very good idea for a childrens book. My kids had a great time with it. For weeks they were looking for other things with smiley faces where ever we went. Definitely a must have for kids as well as adults. Thanks!

  6. I agree, I want to take the kids and go on a smiley hunt with our camera!


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