Sunday, 25 September 2011

50 Things That Are Right About Me

A little while ago, my friend and creativity coach, Janet Whitehead of Musings and Mud Studios, wrote a blog post called:  There is nothing wrong with you.  Nothing.  Isn't that a relief.  I finally got around to doing the exercise of writing down 50 things that are right about me on Friday, the first day of fall.  I needed a shift in my focus and this certainly helped!  I have to say that doing this exercise was great for me and made me feel better about some things going on in my life and left me feeling energized and happy.  That is not to say it wasn't hard.  Very hard.  I hit a block several times, sure I couldn't finish (the first one after about number 9).  

I thought I would share my results, though this is hard too.  I am doing this to inspire others to take the time (like Janet says, set aside 20 minutes of your facebooking time - it's worth it) and just do it.  Thinking about all of the things we do wrong, are not good at, should be doing, is a complete drain.  Getting rid of that energy frees us up for creative projects and other things that are important to us.  Give it a try, and if you post it somewhere, feel free to leave me the link.  Or if not, leave a comment about how this felt.

50 Things That Are Right About Me

  1. I love to write and am learning to recognize how this feeds me.
  2. I love to read.
  3. I am a good mom.
  4. I am a good friend.
  5. I am passionate.
  6. I can cry.
  7. I recognize that my creative spirit does not lie in the kitchen.
  8. I enjoy being by myself sometimes.
  9. I am getting better about doing things "wrong" but doing them anyway.
  10. I am open to new ideas.
  11. I prioritize writing, having fun and meeting up with friends above a tidy house.
  12. I enjoy spending time in nature.
  13. I am learning to ask: How can I make this fun?
  14. I am learning to listen to my intuition.
  15. I like to be on time.
  16. I take nice pictures.
  17. I speak up when it is important to me.
  18. I am (overly?) involved in my kids school.
  19. I am really good at research.
  20. I have read The Odyssey in the original Greek.
  21. I have a Master's degree.
  22. I have great family and friends.
  23. I appreciate art and creativity in many different forms, not just traditional ones.
  24. I know how to use spell check.
  25. I love rainbows.
  26. I love and get exhilarated by stormy days.
  27. I set goals.
  28. Sometimes I let goals go when necessary.
  29. I am good at taking many views into account.
  30. I have a natural talent for growing weeds.
  31. I believe in fairies and magic.
  32. I have shown up for editing my novel at least 5 times a week since school started.
  33. I started and maintain my blog.
  34. I love raking the leaves from our out of control maple tree every fall and watching the kids jump in them.
  35. I'm okay letting my hair go grey.
  36. I like to look at clouds.
  37. I love going out for coffee.
  38. I like being barefoot.
  39. I am determined.
  40. I love learning new things.
  41. I have written two novels, each within one month (thanks to Nanowrimo!).
  42. I had to courage to post some chapters from my first novel on my blog.
  43. I work well with deadlines.
  44. I appreciate beauty.
  45. I love mythology.
  46. I am being persistent with this exercise even though it is hard.
  47. I am taking the time to learn more about myself.
  48. I am making following my dreams a priority in my life.
  49. I love dandelions because they are wild and free and can live anywhere, then they turn into magic puffballs that can grant a wish just by blowing on them.
  50. I finished this exercise!!!!

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  1. Way to go, Coreena! Why, I believe I must do a new one for me and even post it this time.


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