Monday, 21 January 2013

Attempt at Painting

I realize I haven't done a Creative Adventure post in a long time. I have been feeling all twitchy and fidgety and wanting to try something new, to experiment with colour and paint, rather than words. I bought some paints for me and my kids to explore with - decent enough quality, but not too expensive. I got some fun paper.

Then I let it all sit for awhile. A fairly long while. I was too nervous to "ruin" the nice paper and "waste" the supplies. I have some serious blocks over my artistic abilities, especially drawing and painting.

One day I was talking to a friend of mine, the amazing creativity coach, Janet Whitehead, about my reluctance to start and she said: Just splash some paint on the paper then go from there. You see, if there are splatters on the paper, you can't do much more to ruin it and it kind of gives you something to work with.

So, that is what I did. I splashed the paper and got colours I was attracted to that day and painted designs, without any purpose in mine. But then I noticed something, shapes coming out of the colours and realized that I had dragons coming out to play in my paint!!

Now, I know this is not brilliant art by any stretch of the imagination (and I am not talking down on myself), but I ended up having fun and playing with dragons. I was so happy to see them emerge.

I did, however, want to put this out there as a totally amateur, but fun project. It can be so gratifying to try something new, but terrifying to know where to start. That baby step of splashing paint on the page was a lifesaver for me. Now I find myself looking for baby steps to start other projects.


  1. ~big smile~ I love this process myself. Always reveals new thoughts, new ideas, sometimes a darn good painting, and I had some kick butt dragons show up once too! (the one on my facebook page header started with a blob painting)

  2. thats a color painting you have. keep it up!


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