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Book Review: Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater by Becky Citra

BookJeremy and the Enchanted Theater (Orca Echoes) by Becky Citra, Orca Book Publishers, 2005, 64 pages, middle school fantasy.

Source:  Library.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Something silver flashed in the corner of the roon. Jeremy stepped closer. A jagged lightning bolt glowed and shimmered. "Neat!" said Jeremy. He picked it up. It felt warm. His fingers tingled. "Put that down!" screeched Mr. Magnus. "Can't you read? DON'T TOUCH!" Everything swirled around Jeremy. Mr. Magnus cried, "He's not ready! He didn't read the rule book!" Jeremy should be at home eating his supper. Instead he has traveled through time with a cat named Aristotle to Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods. Neither he nor Aristotle has any idea how to get home, let alone how to help Mr. Magnus lift Zeus's curse on his theater, where no play has been performed for years. Not knowing what else to do, Jeremy and Aristotle climb toward the summit, finding adventure all the way. Becky Citra is a primary school teacher and author of many widely read books for children.

My Thoughts:
My son in grade 3 read this to me over several nights as his home reading assignment.  The reading level was completely appropriate for him and the story kept his interest.

Jeremy follows a cat into a theater where he meets Mr. Magnus.  Everything there has a "Don't Touch" sign on it, but Jeremy touches a thunderbolt and he time travels with the cat to Mount Olympus where they meet several ancient Greek gods.

Most of the book has Jeremy and the cat, Aristotle (who can talk) trying to find Zeus so they can find out why Mr. Magnus's theater is cursed and how to get back.  They have several adventures and mishaps along the way.

I think those looking for an early chapter book, especially reluctant readers, would enjoy this book.  There is enough action to keep kids turning the pages, especially if they have an interest in time travel or mythology.  There are also several illustrations by Jessica Milne, which are fun and add to the readability of the book.

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