Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Nanowrimo and Muse A-Fair Hangover

I read someone else's blog recently about their Nanowrimo hangover.  It resonated with me and I think I am feeling its effects.  After writing so intensely for a month, it is over and I feel strangely at loose ends. 

Then, on December 2-3 I took part in the Second Annual Muse A-Fair here in Kamloops (click on tab above for more information about this), an event where 22 creative people collaboratively got together to show, demonstrate and sell their creative passions.  Me and a friend had a Nanowrimo table as our creative inspiration is writing.  This was an amazing, fun event, but coming on the heals of Nanowrimo, I felt it was a lot.  There is so much planning and organizing involved in creating events of this scope.
Our Nanowrimo table at the Muse A-Fair
So, what am I trying to say here?  I feel like I have been grossly neglecting my blog lately, and for this I apologize, but I have been participating in amazing creative processes.  After that, however, I think I needed a break to let my brain rest and lull and peculate for a time.  But, I am back now and have several book reviews almost ready to go.  I have been feeling guilty for neglecting my blog, but feel that I have been honouring my creativity by making space for it in other ways.

Thanks for your patience, everyone, especially those whose books I have agreed to review.  I am back to editing my novel and reading books and will get to these reviews as quickly as I can!!

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