Monday, 13 February 2012

Book Review: I Want to Go to the Moon by Tom Saunders

Book:  I Want to Go to the Moon by Tom Saunders, illustrated by Cynthia Nugent, Simply Read Books, 2011, picture book.

My Review:
This is the fictional story of Neil Armstrong.  Neil is a boy with a dream - from a very young age, he wants to go to the moon, but everyone around him discourages him because his dream is too big, too audacious, has never been done.  They mean well, they don't want him to be disappointed, but Neil will not be talked out of his dream.  He studies the subjects necessary, takes menial jobs when necessary, works hard and keeps his dream close.

This is really a sweet book, encouraging yet simple.  It is actually a song, and the book includes a CD of Tom Saunders singing the story.  My kids absolutely love it and listen to the CD over and over again and I find them singing the chorus throughout the day.  It is quite catchy and Saunders has a nice voice.

And then there are the illustrations.  Cynthia Nugent is obviously quite talented and captures the spirit of the story in colourful, whimsical drawings that kids are sure to love.  My kids poured over the pictures, looking at every detail.

This is a fantastic book that I would highly recommend to kids.  I love the message about following your dreams, being passionate, and doing the work you need to get where you want.

Here's a short video to give a taste of the song:

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