Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nanowrimo Starts Tomorrow!!!

I am sooooooo excited for Nanowrimo to start this year. This will be my fourth year. I absolutely love the adventure and silliness and pushing the boundaries that I find with this program. And, of course, all of the other great people who participate. I even put the little word count widget on my blog this year, which is kind of nerve wracking because it is so public.

I am having to stop myself from starting my novel early this year. This is the most planned that I have ever been (Which isn't saying much. The first year I did it, I had a vague notion of a character and realized after writing about her for three days that I had better come up with a plot soon or I was going nowhere). 

This year, I am writing about the ancient Greek mythological character, Clytemnestra. She is the original femme fatale and has always received a back wrap through history because she had an affair and helped to murder her husband - even though she was mad at her husband for killing her first husband, then their daughter, then coming home after 10 years with a concubine and twin boys...

This one will definitely be an adult novel, which is a departure for me as I usually like to write young adult books. I am feeling the need to get out all of my deep, dark, shadow muse type thoughts right now, and what better way to rid myself of these feelings than to put them on the page? I met an author recently at a writer's conference who said all of the thriller and murder mystery authors were the nicest people - probably because they were able to channel all of their dark thoughts onto the page.

Who else out there is doing Nano and how are you feeling about it right now? What are you writing? Do you have an outline and plans or are you winging it?

Good luck to everyone! Happy writing!


  1. Best of luck - and most importantly, have fun! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Pretty in Fiction! I'm glad you enjoyed my first chapter! :) I have to admit: my inner-editor and I have problems. It doesn't like when I use "don't" in relation to it and can become very adamant when it thinks things should be edited. I'm working on beating it down.

    I know what you mean with the starting early bit. Both this year and last year i had the same problem. Last year the waiting threw off my entire novel, which was upsetting.

    Good luck with your novel! The subject matter sounds very intriguing.

    1. I know, it can be tempting to start early. I channeled that energy into some research, which was a good idea and is paying off now.

      Good luck!!


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