Sunday, 15 May 2011

Beach Kitty, Weekend Poem Blog Hop

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Beach Kitty
Sneaking over the rocks,
Blending into the grass,
The four pound lioness
Slinks towards its prey.

Stopping here,
Hiding there
Silver tabby coat
Camouflaged in the rocks
And shadows.

There it is
Paw searching.

A small red shore crab
Hides under a rock.

Our beach kitty, Isis, on Hornby Island, BC.

(c) Coreena McBurnie, 2010.


  1. I really like the way the sound mimics the sense of the poem. I never think of cats on beaches, but that's probably because I've only ever lived near the US Gulf coast.

    Isis is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much. Hornby is a place we visit in the summers and bring our cats. Isis loves exploring the beach!! I would never have thought about cats on the beach before either.

  3. I especially enjoyed the second-to-last stanza, for the same reasons Birdie did. And that last shift of imagery in the final stanza to color and to the focus of the cat's prowl works for me too. Makes me want to drive over to the beach, even on this drizzly day...

  4. I read this like a novel, imagined every word and it also made me think of my own cat back home.
    check email for your book choices. i did email you right, lol.

  5. I really appreciate all of the kind and supportive comments, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Awesome poem. Cats are my fav ;)

    I'm following.

  7. Thanks Elisabeth, I love cats too.


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