Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cleaning the Kitchen

I have been having so much fun with my blog and doing book reviews that I have not posted any of my own work for awhile.  I thought I'd post a poem that I wrote on bad poetry day.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The trouble with cleaning the kitchen
Is that it always gets dirty again.
The dishes are endless,
The doors are streaked,
Let's not even discuss the sink.

The freezer has fossils from decades ago,
And what is that in the cupboard?
Did I really think that I would eat that?

The oven, well...
I though self cleaning meant just that, how wrong!
The floor, it's for walking, isn’t it?
Who would want to eat off it anyway?

The last time I started to clean the kitchen,
I thought it might be easier to repaint.

(c) Coreena McBurnie, 2010.


  1. wild i just finished a whole month of a tribute to those that write poems. on sundays there is a poem blog hop if interested just jot me a comment on blog.

  2. I feel affirmed.. this sounds so much like my kitchen, and reading a poetic version makes me proud of it. Amazing how creative works can shift perspectives.


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