Saturday, 4 June 2011

Weekend Poem Blog Hop: Benjamin

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This is a poem to my son, Benjamin,
Sometimes called Ben, or even Jamin,
We had no name for you when you were born,
So we called you Rowdy, because you were.
You are so lovely, beautiful and easygoing,
My darling boy with the rosebud lips
And the ready smile.
”Yes” is what you say,
You are always in,
Never missing a beat,
Especially if it involves balls or wheels.
You really are a sweet and likeable boy
I hope you stay connected
Learn to stick up for yourself,
Be comfortable in who you are always
Because you are perfect, amazing, wonderful,
Even if I don't tell you enough,
This is something you must take into your heart,
You are worthy and strong,
I am proud of you,
I love you and
Life loves you,
My darling boy,
You, my middle child, Benjamin, aged seven.

by Coreena McBurnie
I wrote this as part of a writing exercise and the idea was to copy the structure of another poem.  I know this week's theme was things you can't write a poem about, but I do like this topic!

 (c) Coreena McBurnie, 2010.


  1. What a lovely poem, Coreena, about a great guy (and all of 7 too!).
    Thanks for reminding me how useful it can be to mirror a poem on an existing structure - sometimes it's just what the muses need to sneak in and give us something startlingly new.

  2. How sweet! What a great poem. Makes me want to try writing poetry again.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate the comments - helps to keep me motivated!!

  4. very nice piece, love the feeling, definitely a lot of love and thought put into it.

  5. I love the immortality of the written warms my heart to see these heartfelt thoughts written, published and one day Benjamin is going to read this as an adult and realize how truly precious this is.
    Love reading your blog, Coreena - it's a wealth of wisdom and resources. And I love your poetry.. perhaps because it is so authentic and honest.. (or is that one and the same?)

  6. Thanks everyone, as you can imagine, this one is dear to my heart.


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