Saturday, 25 June 2011

Weekend Poem Blog Hop: Popsicles and Presence

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Popsicles and Presence

A feverish child,
Every muscle aches,
Whimpering in hot-cold pain,
A heart wrenching flu.
The medicine has been offered,
But it is a half an hour lifetime before it kicks in.

That motherly, helpless feeling takes over,
Agonizingly wishing to take away the pain,
Or even take it on myself.
I can't make it better,
All I can offer is
Popsicles and my presence.
So we sit on the couch,
Slurping icy popsicles,
Comforted by being together.
It seems inadequate, but
That is all there is
And all that is necessary.

You can tell what I was doing this week - my three kids took turns getting the flu and I spent all but one day nursing them.  However, I was pretty happy with myself that I could find a poem in the experience, proving to myself that poetry can be written about anything!

(c) Coreena McBurnie, 2011.


  1. Hurray! Your children are well again, and you found the time and perspective to shape and share your experience through a poem: happy day.
    "Half an hour lifetime": love that phrase.

  2. that is wonderful. Now, I want my babies back home, not sick, but i sure would love sitting on the porch eating popsicles again.

  3. Thanks guys. I didn't get out much last week and wasn't sure about this one!


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