Saturday, 18 June 2011

Weekend Poem Blog Hop: Recess

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The silent school,
The shadow of the institutional structure
Dominates the still playground
And concrete parking lot.
The bell rings,
Frankenstein's jolt of electricity,
Brings it to life.
Moments later
The doors fly open,
Exhaling breath.
Joyful children cascade outside,
Hopping, running, skipping,
Bursting from the school
That can no longer contain them,
Bursting with joy.
The unfettered feel of freedom and play,
The important part of school,
The only part remembered when asked at night
“How was your day?”
Laughing, chatting, excited yelling
Shatter the silence.
Games are organized,
Swings are swung on,
Balls are kicked.
There is movement, energy, and joy
In being alive, being together, being free.

My daughter after school.

I just wrote this poem yesterday.  I usually like to let them settle for a bit and come back to them, but thought I'd put this one out there anyway.  It will probably evolve a bit still, but here it is.  This poem is not anti school (hope it doesn't come off that way).  My kids love school and I know there is lots of activity inside.  But from my point of view as a parent waiting outside, I am always amazed at how kids burst out of school.  

Poem and photo (c) Coreena McBurnie, 2011.


  1. +JMJ+

    I love this ode to recess! =D

    I don't think it comes across as anti-school . . . but now you're making me wonder what recess looks like from the other side of the playground door. How do the teachers feel when the students burst out and the classrooms are suddenly quiet and still?

  2. Oh the imagery... I could see it all. When I read this, Frankenstein's jolt of electricity, I thought YES that the shift to recess is like!!!

  3. I so admire that you're sharing your own poem, and such a newly-hatched one as well! I haven't been that brave yet, but I'm working up the courage!
    Here, I can feel the childrens' energy, and I love the juxtaposition of the becalmed and vacant playground with the movement-rich, children-filled one. "unfettered feel of freedom" - the alliteration there helps nail down the thematic focus of your poem for me...

  4. Thanks everyone for the great comments. It can be hard to put a new poem out there, but I am so lucky to receive so much support.

  5. that's good. me like it!!

  6. Thhis is really good - full of energy & truth!


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