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Chapter Six: The Prophesy of Ilverzah

I haven't posted a new chapter from my middle school fantasy, The Prophesy of Ilverzah, for awhile.  I am still in the process of editing this one, but hopefully will be done soon.  I welcome all comments and feedback.  If you want to read the first 5 chapters, you can find them under the "My Writing" tab at the top.

Chapter Six

“Magic, what are you talking about?” demanded Tom.

“Of course magic, how else could I come through to this dimension?” the faerie retorted. “You guys really have absolutely no idea about any of this, do you? No understanding whatsoever.”

Mara and Tom both shook their heads. Mara spoke, “This morning we didn't even know that faeries exist, or parallel universes, or even energy fields. We have just been going on instinct, using our gut feelings.”

“Instinct, that's good. You can go a long way on instinct. You obviously have some natural ability. With some knowledge and practice, you probably could become quite powerful,” the faerie said. “Hmmm.”

Tom interrupted her thoughts with a flood of questions, “Who are you? What is your name? Can you tell us about this other dimension? Who are these people you are fighting?” 

“You have brought me here and I am your guest now and I must prevail myself of your hospitality. Let me introduce myself properly,” the faerie said, standing up on Mara's bed and bowing to the two children. “My name is Acantha, daughter of Zephyr the Strong and Odele the Beautiful.”

“I am Tom, and this is my sister, Mara,” said Tom. After an awkward moment, he added, “Our mother is Sasha, our father is dead now, but his name was James.”

“May the gods watch over him,” Acantha said, bowing her head to Tom and Mara. “Understandably, you have lots of questions and I will explain what I can. First, however, if I may trouble you for some simple refreshment. I have had a long day.”

“Of course,” replied Mara, “What would you like? We don't know what faeries eat.”

“Some water and fruit please, that would do nicely,” said Acantha.

Mara got up and went to the door, “I'll be right back.” 

While Mara was gone, Tom said, “I really am sorry, you know. I didn't mean to pull you out of your dimension. It just looked like you were in trouble and I wanted to help you. I guess part of me didn't believe Mara when she said she saw a faerie.”

“I understand,” Acantha said. “I realize it is difficult for you humans to comprehend that there are other universes. But I also realize there was no ill intent in your heart. I am sure we will be able to fix it all tomorrow, so no harm will have been done.” 

Just then Mara returned with an apple, a banana, a tiny glass of water, and a knife. “I was not sure which you would prefer,” Mara said.

“Many thanks, Mara. I would love some of that juicy apple and a sip of water,” said Acantha. Mara handed the glass to the faerie and gave the knife and apple to Tom to slice. Acantha ate enthusiastically. Tom cut her a piece of banana as well and gave it to her.

“What is this?” asked Acantha. “I have never seen such a fruit before.”

“It's called a banana, it's really good,” said Tom. “Try it.”

Acantha took a suspicious nibble and then her face lit up. “This is wonderful!” she exclaimed. “A banana, you called it? Well, thank you for sharing this with me.” 

After she had finished eating and drinking, Acantha cleared her throat to talk. “There really is so much to tell you that it is difficult to know where to begin. I come from a world called Ilverzah. It is a magical world, as is yours, but most people in your world have forgotten how to summon the magic. Our worlds used to have more of a connection, but it has been largely severed now and remains only in your faerie tales and children's stories. In Ilverzah live what you would call fantastic creatures; there are faeries, elves, dwarfs, griffins, and many more, and we each have our own kind of magic based on the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I, as a faerie, am of the Air which means I can fly and can summon the forces of the Air. For the most part, our two worlds are separate. The energy of each world does affect the other, but, largely, we live life unaware of each other. However, there are certain places with an abundance of energy and a portal is created and there can be a transfer between our universes. You, Mara, created such a doorway with your field of energy. Some portals do occur naturally, and that is why you hear about magical creatures occasionally in your world. Sometimes we venture here to explore and visit; however, we always carry a magical compass which can detect the energy fields to help us find our way back. I am here now without my compass, and so must rely on you to return.” 

Acantha paused for another sip of water. “It is vital that I return as soon as possible for I carry a Scroll that I must deliver to the King. Our world is at war, you see. It has been a long and brutal war that has has taken a heavy toll on both sides. The Earth element, also call the Demetros, has stolen the Sacred Box. They are under the influence of the deluded Prince Carolos. The Sacred Box contains Ilverzah's most magical and ancient amulet, and with it, the power to rule. Prince Carolos wishes to subject the other elements to his will, and make Earth the most powerful."

Acantha shook her head. "It is very sad as this is not our way. Up until now there has always been balance between the four elements, and so we were able able to provide everything we need in abundance and the magic could flourish. The other elements, Air, Fire, and Water, have banded together and are called the Anthemos. We have vowed to fight the Demetros and return the amulet to its sacred location in the citadel, and at the same time, restore the balance. There are four Scrolls, one for each element which explains how that element may access the power of the amulet; no one element is meant to access its full power. I had just stolen Earth Scroll when you pulled me into your dimension. We hope that with the Earth Scroll, combined with the contents in the other three Scrolls, we can harness enough magic to defeat the Demetros, reclaim the amulet for all Ilverzahdians, stop the bloodshed, and restore peace to our land before it is too late. You see how important this is, the magic in this Scroll could tip the balance in the war. I must present this to King Qamur, the King of the Anthemos, as soon as possible. It is essential that you get your friends out by the river tomorrow after school so we can create an energy portal big and stable enough for me to return.” 

Mara spoke first, “We will do whatever we can to help you get back to Ilverzah. I'm sure my friends will feel the same way.”

Tom jumped in, “That's an amazing story; of course, we'll help. I would feel awful if you lost the war because of something we did.”

Acantha smiled, “Thank you,” she said, “I really appreciate that. For now, though, I am tired and would like to sleep. Do you have somewhere I can rest until tomorrow?”

Mara got up, “Yes,” she said, “I can make a bed for you in my closet, and that way you can hide if anyone comes in.”

“Many thanks,” said Acantha, “and I will bid you good night. Until tomorrow.”

“Until tomorrow,” both Mara and Tom repeated.

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