Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nanowrimo update, day ???

Hello fellow Wrimos!

I thought it was time to do a Nano update, though, to tell you the truth, I don't even know what day it is.  I had the third week blah's, exactly as described in the Nano video, last week, but then something happened on the weekend and I managed to write lots.  I am feeling really good, being so close to my goal so early, though I don't think the story will be quite over at 50K words.  I hope I don't run out of steam before the story is finished.  Has anyone else ever come across this?

My husband is writing Nano too this year, for the first time.  He is doing really well and is ahead on his word count.  It has created a funny dynamic, though, as all he can talk about his his book (with the occasional break for football - the Grey Cup is this weekend and he wants to be ahead so he can enjoy it).  He also now understands my absolute need for chocolate while I am writing...

I thought it might be interesting to share an exerpt of what I've been writing this week because I hit an exciting bit that was fun to write (even though I know it still needs LOTS of editing).  The book is a YA fantasy that takes place in Greek mythological times, and is called Antigone: The True Story.  Here goes:

"And what are you going to do?" asked Apollo.

I stood up slowly, straightened my back and squared my shoulders. "Whatever it takes," I responded.

"What does that mean?" asked Athene.

"I don't even know," I said. "But I am done with this. Stop interfering with me and my family. It stops now."

"Or what?" asked Apollo.

I glared at him. Was he really daring me into action? My head started to spin, then dried leaves and sticks started to swirl around me. I felt like I was in the middle of a hurricane, but I was controlling the hurricane, it would bend to my will, as would everything. I felt powerful, invincible. I could see the two gods staring at me wide eyed from beyond the swirling wind. I could physically feel their terror, but I didn't care. They wanted me to do something, well, I would do something. I threw my head back, raised my arms and embraced the energy. I could feel understanding descend on me, that I was powerful, more powerful than I could have ever imagined. I still didn't know why or what I could do with it, but right then, I didn't care. I was powerful and strong and no one could stop me. The Olympian gods could not stop me. I knew that.

I looked back at Apollo and Athene and they turned as if to run away. I wasn't going to have that. I sent my hurricane out to encompass them. They were caught within the swirling torment of wind and couldn't get out. They were powerless and at my mercy - I was thrilled. They would know how I felt. My chest swelled with power and control, I was unbeatable.

Thunder cracked in the sky and I knew that I had Zeus' attention. The thunder must be his way of telling me to stop, but I didn't want to. I only drew more power up into myself and created a stronger whirlwind. Other Olympian gods came near, trying to stop me, but I was having none of it. I wouldn't let them near me. They weren't going to get anywhere near me or manipulate me ever again. 

The thunder cracked again, this time with a lightening burst. "That's enough of that!" I yelled and send a burst of my whirlwind toward where I had seen the lightening. I saw flames and lightening scatter through the sky like marbles spilling out of a bag. Then there was silence. Everything was silent except for my whirlwind. The gods around me looked worried, frantic and desperate.


  1. fun stuff!

    Hey, I noticed you're a NaNo winner now. so you must have finished. Congrats!

    I love that your husband is NaNoing along with you. makes for better understanding around the lack of attention. and dirty dishes and dust bunnies. and chocolate consumption.

  2. Thanks, yes, I finished the 50K last night, so exciting. It has been fun having my husband do it too. Our house is definitely looking neglected, but we are having fun!!! Way more important.


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