Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Book Review: The Midnight Curse by L.M. Falcone

BookThe Midnight Curse, L.M. Falcone, KCP Fiction, 2010.

I picked up The Midnight Curse by L.M. Falcone because I thought my son would enjoy reading it.  It is the story of eleven year old Lacey and her fraternal twin brother, Charlie.  Lacey is level headed and steady, while Charlie is a little more flighty.  When their great uncle Jonathan dies, they travel to England with their mother for his will reading.  While there, great uncle Jonathan's deadly Midnight Curse is passed onto Charlie.  The Midnight Curse is the crazy, sometimes funny horror story of how the twins deal with the curse and try to reverse it.

My Thoughts:
I can see young readers, maybe grades 3-6, liking this book - there is humour, the pacing is fast and it is scary but not too scary.  However, I had a difficult time getting into it (and I read a lot of books to my kids).  One of the things that put me off right from the start was L. M. Falcone's use of words like "gonna" and "wanna" into the dialogue.  I understand that it is dialogue and that she is trying to talk like kids talk, but these were the only colloquialisms she used, so they jumped out at me every time.  However, these type of words are one of my personal pet peeves and may not bother other people.

Overall, I liked the book enough to finish it, but it did not draw me in.

Here is the  book trailer from YouTube:

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  1. Misplace colloquialisms get me too, in the same way that not using contractions (e.g. always saying "is not" or "I am") sounds awkward. This does sound like a fun book though.


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