Friday, 12 April 2013

Napowrimo Day 12 Poem: Be Gentle

Prompt: What you wish you could say to someone.

I wrote this one to myself. If you've been following my poems this month, you'll see that several of them deal with anxiety. I've been using my poetry to work some things out. It's been hard to put my poems out there publicly because it feels so self centred and scary, but I'm doing it anyway. Maybe it will help with the stigma or help someone understand or realize they're not alone.

April 12/13

Be Gentle

Be gentle with yourself.
Hardness creates gruff edges,
Jagged teeth and prickly moods.
Not even you can stand yourself then.

Really, there is nothing that can't be solved,
That doesn't have a silver lining,
Or work out for the best,
In the end.
Though, if you look, usually it gets better
By the middle.

But if the worst does happen,
You have friends and family,
Amazing people,
Waiting with a helping hand.
It's not a weakness to
Rely on them when need be.

And even if it is, so what?
Everyone needs help,
Especially when they are ill.
This is simply a different kind of sick,
One that doesn't involve fevers or rashes,
Broken bones or any other outward sign.

Clenched up panic and fear,
Stomach churning, heart pounding tension,
Tears, headaches and feeling blue
Are Real.
They don't make you less worthy, important, amazing.

So be gentle with yourself.
Do a little bit everyday
And that will be enough.
Baby steps are the way to go
So long as you are true to yourself
And follow your dreams.
But most of all,
Love yourself for who you are.


  1. It is a beautiful poem and, yes, it does help. I have been there.

  2. Coreena, this it's a beautiful and brave poem. I agree with Natasha, it does help. I think that I need to bookmark this for my bad days. I think the fifth stanza nails how awful anxiety feels. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate the feedback and support.

  3. Oh, we should all talk to ourselves this way. What a wonderful direction to go with this writing prompt. Namaste.

  4. "Though, if you look,usually it gets better
    By the middle."

    I really liked that. Hope all is well or getting better.



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