Sunday, 14 April 2013

Napowrimo Day 14 Poem: Wonder Woman

Prompt: Write a character poem in the persona of a super hero or super villain.

April 14/13

Wonder Woman

I am an Amazon princess,
Disguised, protecting humans
From nefarious villains.
I right wrongs, fight for love, uphold peace.

Without a second thought,
I chase the bad guys down,
And watch their stunned expressions,
As I steal their weapons with my unerring Lasso of Truth,
And their bullets ricochet off my impenetrable wrist bands.
My flowing black hair is held back with golden tiara,
Which doubles as a weapon.
My transportation? An invisible jet.
They never even see me coming.

All six feet of my
Curvaceous, muscular frame is
Ready to strike at a moment's notice.
No one dares to mess with me.
Or, if they do, they live to regret it.

I show the boys that I can hold my own,
And more.

I am strength,
I am power,
I am a femme extraordinaire,
I am Wonder Woman.


  1. I've got that theme song running in my brain now.

    "All the world is waiting for youuuuuuu....."

  2. Dear Coreena,
    I'm not sure that you are supposed to reveal your Secret Identity in such a spectacular way... The Justice League may disapprove, but I think it's "wonder"ful.


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