Wednesday, 3 April 2013

NaPoWriMo: Day 3

prompt: sea shanty - that wasn't working for me, so I'm doing something about the sea

April 3/13

A Perfect Day

A perfect day -
Running out onto the beach,
Clambering over washed up logs,
Wading through sea grass,
To the rocks and barnacles and tidal pools,
Feet squishing slippery, popping seaweed,
And rolling on ball bearing periwinkles.

Flipping boulders to find sideways scuttling crabs,
Each unique and exciting,
Tickling with angry pincers.
Grab a stick to poke anemones,
And explore the universes left overnight by the tide.

Treasures abound -
Shells and rocks and bones,
Examined and pondered,
Placed carefully in a plastic pail,
Or left.

There is magic here,
Where the fairies dance
To the music of the crashing waves,
The shrill eagles,
And the squawking of hungry gulls.

Looking out,
Squinting at the glittering swell,
Dark heads bob,
Teasing and curious,
Only to bark and swim away.
There must be mermaids there,
Tempting the seals away.

The tide eases in,
Taking back the shore,
Rearranging, eroding, hiding,
Sending us home,
Sun baked and tired after a day of adventure.
Another perfect day.


  1. Can't wait until we can explore this magical place with you! This might be my favourite poem so far :)

    1. Really? Thanks Kelsey. I thought it might have been over the top.


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