Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Napowrimo Day 17 Poem: Hello to Life With a Teenaged Boy

Prompt: A poem of greeting.

April 17/13

Hello to Life With a Teenaged Boy

It's hard to know exactly when it happened,
When my wide eyed little boy
Turned into a teenager -
A sleeping in,
Showering every day,
Feet bigger than mine,
Can look me in the eyes,
Striving for privacy and independence,
Fashion conscious teenaged boy.

His sarcasm cracks me up.
When in doubt, he has the answer.
Life is like a roller coaster,
Soaring and falling
With the cracks in his voice.

Friends are a lifeline,
Girls are interesting,
Though fart jokes are hilarious.
'I'm bored' is altered with
'Look at me, look at me,
I'll annoy you until you pay attention to me.'

He doesn't know it,
But he's reminding me to
Keep it fun,
Don't take everything so seriously,
Laughter is a good reaction.
Because otherwise,
I might want to strangle him.

I've changed too,
I'm now the mom of a teenager,
Waiting up,
Backing off,
Yet being present.

I wouldn't change it for the world.
Let the adventure begin.


  1. Speaking as the mother of 2 teenage boys, I salute your attitude in this playful poem... I must caution you however, just wait until he wants to take the car... Eek!

    1. I know, thank goodness I still have a couple of years.


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