Monday, 22 April 2013

Napowrimo Day 22 Poem: Shift in Nature

Prompt: Something to do with Earth Day.
I took an old Eckhart Tolle book and flipped to a random page that had words that jumped out at me. I circled words that I liked and made a poem out of them.

April 22/13

I took this photo on Hornby Island, BC, Summer, 2012

Shift in Nature

Nature exists in
Unconscious oneness,
The wild animals with the human beings.
Let the mind cup up reality,
Create a new perspective,
And align with universal intelligence.
A tsunami of new belief
Changes perspective
And inspires spirit
In creative empowerment.


  1. Pretty amazing, Coreena.. inspiring, and brilliant how you pulled this together from words in a book.

  2. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.


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