Saturday, 6 April 2013

Napowrimo Poem: Day 6

Prompt: A valediction (a poem of farewell)
I wrote this one in honour of the novel I'm currently writing called Fatal, which is a mythological fiction about Clytemnestra, Helen of Troy's sister.

April 6/13

A Farewell to Agamemnon from Clytemnestra

I say to Agamemnon, my husband,
Who today returned home,
From the Trojan War.
Tonight the victory is mine.

His eyes grow wide, he sits up,
Sloshing water from the tub.
I throw the net over his naked body,
And watch him struggle,
A fly in a web.

The knife at his throat,
Stops his fight.
"Why?" he gasps,
Like he really doesn't know.
I laugh.

"To gain a kingdom,
You ravaged me on the night you made me
A childless widow.
You shredded my life with your knife.
But that wasn't enough for you.
Hate festered when
You traded a ten year battle
Leading the thousand ships,
To return Helen, my beautiful, fickle sister,
To the husband who couldn't keep her
In the first place,
For the life of our daughter.
Iphegenia was an innocent sacrifice.
Though you have blood on your hands,
I sacrifice you to Nemesis,
The goddess of revenge."

I look up and meet the eyes of my lover,
The usurper, Aegisthus,
And pull the knife across my husband's throat.

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