Sunday, 21 April 2013

Napowrimo Day 21 Poem: Fortune Cookies

Prompt: Fortune cookie fortunes in Frank O'Hara's style.

April 21/13

Fortune Cookies

Anxiety makes your head hurt, stop worrying.
Fear only makes you crazy.
Embrace your destiny.
Your fortune is changing for the better, go with it.
Learn to relax and take things less seriously.
Laughter is the best medicine.
Good friends are a tonic.
Follow your dreams and all will be well.
Let a smile be your umbrella, unless you're feeling sad, then cry.


  1. I like how even if you take away all of the fortune cookie references, this is still a coherent poem with a nice flow.

  2. I like it! They're all individual, but there's a common theme to them. i actually had a fortunate cookie today and it said: "Everyone agrees that you are the best." A bit narcissistic, no? Haha.

  3. As you often do, the last line always has a punch that makes me sign... in a good way.


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