Friday, 26 April 2013

Napowrimo Day 26 Poem

Napowrimo Day 26 Poem

Prompt: Write a poem from the perspective of a rock.

April 26/13


Sun baked and hot, still,
Alone on a crowded beach,
As people crunch by.
Colours catch someone's attention,
Then dropped,
Clashing, chipping against the ground.
Shores crabs tickle their way underneath,
Seaweed drapes over.
Witness to the extinction of the dinosaurs,
The birth of humans,
Outlasting all except time.
Rough edges smoothed by
The pounding of tossing waves
Day after night after day.
In another thousand years,
Will be sand.


  1. Beautiful. I am not very good at poem writing, so anyone who can impresses me.

    1. Thanks, I'm not very good either, but I'm posting anyway.


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