Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 28 Poem: Orange

Prompt: A colour.

April 28/13


A delicate tiger toned butterfly
Dancing amongst the new spring flowers,
Bold marigolds,
Luminescent tiger lilies,
Fragile honey suckles.

The end of day sun sinks below the horizon,
Brilliant, fleeting, ethereal,
More shades than there are names,
Introducing day to night in blazing light.

The dark, illuminated by cozy fires,
Where friends meet and children roast marshmallows
While listening to the crackling logs,
Laughter and companionship,
Toasty cheeks and cold behinds.

Trees on fire as the seasons change,
Glorious shift to winter's slumber,
As leaves illuminate before turning crinkly dry,
Ready for crunching or piling up to jump in.

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