Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Help Please with Blogger Problem

Hi everyone,
I don't know if you can help me or if this has happened to you, but my friend has trouble looking at my blogger posts. Sometimes she sees everything properly, but about half the time she gets this:
There are no posts, nothing along the side...
Has this ever happened to you? If you have any ideas about why this would be happening, I would love to hear from you.
Thanks so much,


  1. hum it had happened to me when for example you see the opost in your reader, click on it but in fact it's a scheduled post, not " officialy online yet"

    i'm sorry i can't help more .... a good way to be sure to receive your post is for her to suscribe to blogttr.com ( put her email and your blog address) and she will receive all your post by email in a really good layout ( not like feedcat)

  2. So sorry, but I haven't seen this before. Maybe if she looks at it from the Blogger Dashboard blog roll. She can scroll down for the posts of that day and click on yours or go to the list on the left side of her blogger dashboard, click on your blog and all your posts will come up on the blogger roll. Then she can click on what she wants to read. I use the Blogger Dashboard blog roll and have never had a problem with your posts.

  3. Thanks for all your help everyone. It turns out that it was the extra html codes from when I copy and paste my post into blogger.


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