Thursday, 4 April 2013

NaPoWriMo, Day 4

Prompt: use one of the oddly poetic ship names from the Scottish sci fi writer, Iain M. Banks.

April 4/13

Irregular Apocalypse

The known world,
My world of pain and fear,
Is destroyed
With a simple shift of view.
A small tweak,
And reality is left in the rubble of its former glory.

Some landmarks still stand,
Though looking battered and shabby,
Out of place amongst the ruins.
In time, these too will fall.

Still, I cling to the familiarity of my old ways,
The well-known and comforting darkness
That prickles angst and worry through my soul.
Funny how hard that is to let go,
But it has always been there for me,
A deceptive friend.

But to thrive in the apocalyptic shift
I must embrace the light,
The relief,
The freedom from fear,
And become the pioneer of my self-propelled future.
Time to get rid of the clutter and clear the way.
My old ways have collapsed
With this simple shift.
I will rebuild.

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