Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Napowrimo Day 16 Poem: Life is Too Short to Fold the Socks

No prompt, though the line "Life is too short to fold socks" jumped out at me from my journal today.

April 16/13

Life is Too Short to Fold the Socks

I keep my socks in a small, blue laundry basket.
Actually, socks for the whole family live there,
Unsorted and unmatched.

I used to pair them up, fold them nicely and put them away,
Until, three kids later,
There wasn't time,
Or I didn't have the energy,
Or just didn't feel like it.

When my son asked me why I stopped,
"Because life is too short to fold the socks,"
Flowed from my mouth.
And I'm right.

Think about it:
They don't get wrinkled,
Or creased,
Or suffer in any way from not being
Sorted and folded.
In fact, they may benefit
From being part of the adventure of an
Unmatched pair on someone's feet.
Who said they have to be the same in the first place?
My daughter, at least, goes out of her way
For mix matched socks.
And I love tossing them in the basket.

If it bothers someone that much,
They are free to fold the socks,
But, so far, no one has.

I'm sure when I look back on my life,
I won't regret having unfolded socks,
Or wish I spent more time doing laundry.
There are so many things I'd rather do...
Read a book,
Write poetry,
Go for a walk,
Play with my kids,
Stare into space.
All more worthy pursuits,
Than having folded socks.


  1. Not folding the socks also makes it easier to disguise the fact that the dryer ate another one.

  2. Folding socks is so boring!! Lately I've not washed them for a long time and ran out, so washed them ALL at the same time and haven't been bothered to fold them so they are all in a bag.. I fold sometimes.. Or grab any two.. Or... Steal my mum's ones!! ;)


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