Sunday, 7 April 2013

Napowrimo: Day 7 Poem

Prompt: Write a poem where each line is a statement and the last line is a question.

April 7/13

The Muses

I know the best people.
We call ourselves The Muses.
I know a woman with a seven foot fairy costume.
I know a woman who sees fairies.
Another friend uses chunky colours to evoke happy feelings on canvas.
Some of us write bad drafts together.
One woman uses Pez containers, clay, and paint to make whimsical statues.
At the coffee shop we drink too much tea, eat gluten free muffins, and stay too long.
Our creative selves are drawn together, no matter our ages or backgrounds.
We get together and laugh, though sometimes we cry.
With these friends, I am safe to be myself, explore, and play.
Don't you wish you had friends like mine?


  1. Well, this made me cry! In a good way. Proud to be one who sees faeries, laughs, cries, and gets to hang with you and such an amazing gaggle of muses.

    1. Thanks so much, Janet. Thanks for bringing us all together.


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