Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Writing Wednesday: National Poetry Month

On April 1 I found out it was National Poetry Month and that, in celebration, several organizations were doing challenges to write a poem a day for April. Instinctively, this felt like a fun thing to do. In fact, it was synchronicity because I was just thinking that I'd like to write more poetry after concentrating on novel writing for so long.

So, I took the leap and decided to join National Poetry Writing Month. This looks like a fun and informal challenge modeled on National Novel Writing Month. They provide a daily prompt and you can choose to use them or not, but the idea is to write poetry. Some people (like me) are posting on their blogs, others are not. In the spirit of writing without doing too much editing, I will post even really bad poems, along with the ones I like. The idea is to get the juices flowing.

At the same time, I am editing my last Nanowrimo novel, Fatal, which is a mythological fantasy about Clytemnestra (ancient Greek, sister to the famous Helen of Troy). This has been a fun book to write, full of vengeance, murder, affairs... Definitely an adult book this time. My stumbling block this week was that my program, for some inexplicable reason, did not save the changes I had made for at least a day. I had done a lot of work that day, adding scenes and generally fixing up the grammar, etc. I got briefly frustrated, then went back to another section that I knew needed some work.

I would love to connect with other people writing poetry or editing their books. How is it going? Have you written something lately that you're happy with? Something you think is terrible? Feel free to connect up in the comments.

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